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Poems from the community

Poems written by our community about their mental health recovery.


Don’t give up

Poem by Tyson Hill

Don’t give up, don’t back down,
Do not stop don’t turn around,
Life’s not over that’s not your choice,
I hear inside my head that little voice,
That one flicker of hope,
To help me cope,
To pull me from the edge,
Reconsider jumping off the ledge,
When everything seems lost,
It helps to think of the cost,
What you could lose,
Depends on what you choose,
If you throw in the towel,
And end it all now,
You’ll never know what could be,
And believe me,
It’s worth finding out,
What possibilities could sprout,
You just have to stick around,
Even when you are feeling down,
Remember things will look up,
If you just don’t give up.

My recovery

Poem by Gabi Kozlowski

Wellways to my recovery
Is a great start in life to cope.
It’s good to share and discuss my life
Instead of being alone to mope.

It’s always great to make new friends
Who are there to support and share,
We are all together for one another
To show how much we care.

Just to begin the road to recovery
Is a great step indeed
I believe it will make me strong
And show myself I can succeed.

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